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Right Tree / Right Place

Selecting Trees

Transplanting Trees

Mulching & Staking

Summary Diagram 

Pruning Trees

Topping Hurts!

Protecting Trees

Tree Root Myths

Pine Bark Beetles

Live Christmas Trees


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Grant Sponsors:

This project was supported by the USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program on the recommendation of the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council. 

The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council

2000 Cost-Share Grant Program

The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council is an organization that supports education, projects, and groups related to urban and community forestry.  NUCFAC seeks to establish sustainable urban forest for all communities.

Project is coordinated by the School of Agriculture. 

Douglas L. Airhart, Ph.D., Professor of Horticulture, Certified Arborist

Guy Zimmerman III, Area Forester, Tennessee Division of Forestry

Jeff Plant, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Human Ecology; Housing & Design 

For information about the authors of this website, please see our biography page.

Special thanks to:

 The International Society of Arboriculture, 

National Arbor Day Foundation, 

Delmar Thomson Publications, 

Dr. Alex Shigo & Dr. Bonnie Appleton

 for permission to reprint selected graphics & text.


All Video Vignettes are created in QuickTime video segments.


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