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Right Tree / Right Place

Selecting Trees

Transplanting Trees

Mulching & Staking

Summary Diagram 

Pruning Trees

Topping Hurts!

Protecting Trees

Tree Root Myths

Pine Bark Beetles

Live Christmas Trees


List of Figures

List of Video Vignettes

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List of Video Vignettes:

Selecting Landscape Trees

            Examine balled and bur lapped root mass

            Examine containerized roots

            Examine the stem and branches

            Selecting Japanese maples (different factors)

Example evergreen spruces

Example evergreen holly

Transplanting Landscape Trees

            Transplanting a small tree

            Example young maple planted too deep

Old maple with girdling roots

Mulching & Staking

            Should you stake or guy your tree?

            Proper guying for trunk sway

            Good and bad staking techniques

Pruning Landscape Trees

Protecting the branch collar

Good pruning – the three-cut process

Good healing of properly pruned branches

Prune double leaders before they get this big

The Five D’s – prune these at any time of year

Typical pruning for a young crabapple

Pruning a young Kousa dogwood

Pruning branches over a sidewalk

Identify and eliminate a weak crotch

Included bark in a weak crotch

Identify and remove trunk suckers

Topping Hurts!

See why not to top trees!

Discussion and internal decay from topping

The inside view after trees have been topped

The progression of decay in young stems pruned badly

“Through pruning” of mature trees under utility lines

Protecting Trees From Construction Damage

Bark damage to tree covered with excess soil

An unsuccessful tree will is discovered

Live Christmas Trees

            Selecting Live Christmas Trees



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