Labs may be reserved for the Spring 2016 term ONLY. If you need to make reservations for Summer or Fall 2016, you will need to enter them via EMS.

NOTE: Lab reservations must be made via this form in order to be valid for the CLEM313A, CLEM313B, JOHN214B, & JOHN214C labs.

If you have a reservation and will NOT be using the lab, please email so that we can make the lab available to others.

Clement Hall 313 consists of the following labs:

Johnson Hall 214 consists of the following labs:

Libary room reservations can be made through emailing Ann Manginelli

If you would like to use the online reservation system for a training event email Joshua Knight with the details.

Complete ALL requested information.
First Name
Last Name
TTU Phone
TTU Email Address (e.g.
Requested Lab
Course and Section Number (e.g. MATH1910 001)
Requested Start Date (e.g. 1/16/13)
Requested End Date (e.g. 2/27/13)
Starting Time (e.g. 9:20 am)
Ending Time (e.g. 10:15 am)
Days of the Week you need to reserve the lab at the time shown above:

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Please contact if a key is needed for a weekend reservation.
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