Understanding grading options for multi-select questions

There are three possible grading options for multi-select questions:

  • All or nothing - Users receive full points for the question if they select all of the correct answers and none of the incorrect answers. Users receive zero points if they miss any correct answers or select any incorrect answers.
  • Right minus wrong - Users receive points equal to the number of right answers they choose minus the number of incorrect answers they choose. To determine how much each answer is worth, the system takes the total number of points assigned to the question and divides it by the total number of answer choices. For example, if a question is worth 10 points and has 5 answer choices, each correct answer is worth 2 points, and each incorrect answer is worth - 2 points (10/5 = 2). If a user gives 3 correct answers and 2 incorrect answers, 2 is the total number of points received for the question [(3*2)+(2*-2)]. Users can receive a minimum of zero on a question; they cannot receive a negative mark.
  • Correct answers - Users receive points for each correct answer they select and for each incorrect answer they leave blank. Incorrect answers selected and correct answers left blank are ignored. For example, if a question with a total of six potential answers has two correct answers, the total points available for the question is 4.