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Electrical Engineering

EE Electives (2018)

The following are electives for the 2018 EE curriculum.

The courses that constitute the approved EE Breadth, EE Depth, EE Senior, EE Laboratory, and Career electives for the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree are listed below. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor when selecting elective courses.

EE Breadth Electives

EE Senior Electives

EE Laboratory Electives

EE Depth Electives

Career Electives


Only one of CHE 3010 and ME 3210 may be taken for elective credit.
If either ME 3710 or ME 3720 is taken for elective credit CHE 3110 may not be taken for elective credit.
Only one of CSC 3020 and MATH 4210 may be taken for elective credit.

ECE courses along with the tentative schedule and course syllabi are on another page.

Course descriptions are in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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